A Gingerbread House for Christmas 2020


Yo Joe

It’s Christmas boiiiii! Happy Christmas to you. You’re in the shower right now upstairs and I’ll say happy Christmas to you when you come down, so, this happy Christmas is to anyone reading. Happy Christmas, I hope where ever you are you’re feelin good vibes today. We actually have quite a few people reading now, for once I’m not counting mum and dad as quite a few.

I’ve told quite a lotta people about this gingerbread house and everyone asked for pics so thought I’d put it on here. I’ve decided Im gunna do this every year. Thats the plan.

Seeing as your new fav thing is Lebkuchen (haha) I used a Lebkuchen recipe from mums German Christmas baking book.

I gotta wrap your present now and think mum is trying to get me to dance to Christmas carols on the radio (a great Christmas past time, if anyone wants a Christmas activity. You are welcome) so I’m not gonna write the recipe today in full. I’ll put it up tomorrow because Lebkuchen smells and tastes pretty pretty bloody great. I have it all over my face right now actually! I’ll give you a brief run down of the Gingerbread process.

Step 1: make a derelict looking gingerbread house.

Step 2: get a lot of sweets of different varieties, shapes, sizes, smells, personalities. Don’t leave em out because Joe will come into your house and eat them.

Step 3: make a derelict looking gingerbread house look like it is not derelict anymore! Make it look beautiful with all of the sweets that Joe didn’t eat!

Welcome to my crib MTV

Happy Christmas to you. I hope, at some point today, you have some cake on your face. Love Caitlin xxx